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20 Free UX courses to boost your design skills

Beginner to Advanced courses that are completely free

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UX as a field and a career is continuously growing and there are many people showing interest in the field. At times it becomes difficult to get a clear picture and many struggle in finding the right place to start. Internet is filled with articles and videos covering all aspects of UX Design. Many institutions offer certifications and there are plenty of paid online courses. In Youtube we can find many channels dedicated to UX. But, how do we pick courses that are informative and useful enough while being affordable. For those who plan to take UX as a profession after college or those who decide to switch their career, a brief understanding about the field beforehand without spending much money will be really helpful.

Here are some of the best courses I have come across that are completely free.

Basic Courses

These are starter courses to get the fundamentals and basics of UX Design correct.

What is UX Design?

UI and Visual Design

Basics of UI and Visual design is imperative for beginners to cover all aspects of UX and to build their portfolio as well.

Basics of Visual Design from Carnegie Mellon University

Open Learning Initiative: Register for a Course

UI Design course from MIT

6.813/6.831: User Interface Design & Implementation

Intermediate level courses

Product Design Course from Google

Product Design | Udacity

Advanced Courses

Design of Everyday things course from Don Norman

Intro to the Design of Everyday Things

dschool crash course

Start with design - Stanford d.school

Prototyping basics

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology | Coursera

Gamification basics

Gamification | Coursera

Graphic Design basics

Introduction to Graphic Design History | Kadenze

This is by no means a definite list as there are plenty of courses out there. I will add more free courses to this list and you can also add any other free UX courses that you came across in the comments below. That will surely help the fellow learners :) Keep Learning

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