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Amazon Takes Down AirPods Listings Scrawled With Racially-Abusive Messages

Image via DedMityay / Shutterstock.com

Amazon says it has deleted a number of listings for audio products that were accompanied with racist messages from its UK website.

The messages continuously used the N-word to harass customers into buying the gadgets, and visitors could find them by looking up AirPods and similar items.

The notes can be seen in these screenshots, but due to their disturbing nature, please view them at your discretion.

The insensitive advertising outraged visitors, causing “AirPods” to trend on Twitter in the UK.

Amazon confirms with Reuters that it has “taken action on the bad actor” in charge of the offensive listings. By mid-day on 31 May, the uploads had vanished.

Amazon has repeatedly come under fire for not being able to effectively monitor listings with derogatory overtones, including entries for products with Nazi and predatory messages.

[via Engadget, cover image via DedMityay / Shutterstock.com]