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‘Animal Crossing’ Gamers Are Paying Designers Big To Decorate Virtual Homes

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Image via Vantage_DS / Shutterstock.com

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world by storm during the coronavirus pandemic. Many players are spending their time decorating their in-game homes to distract them from the uncertain situation, while others are outsourcing interior designers for some help.

Interior design expert Bobby Berk of Netflix’s Queer Eye, for one, briefly helped some players with their virtual living spaces by offering professional tips.

Now, a homeware brand called Olivia’s is leveraging on the demand for virtual interior design advice by launching a consultancy service that specifically does that. The company is now calling out to designers with a “working knowledge of Animal crossing” to join its team.

According to the Olivia’s website, the services include feedback on players’ current setup and “top tips for the perfect virtual feng shui.”

Successful virtual interior designers can get paid up to £40 (US$50) per hour for rendering their service. The company hopes to not only transform players’ virtual homes but to offer them valuable advice they can apply in their homes in the real world, as well.

While interior design help on Animal Crossing might cost, players can obtain high-end designs at zero cost with free branded custom clothing recently released by Marc Jacobs and Maison Valentino.

So a home decor store called Olivia’s is paying £40 an hour to be an @animalcrossing interior designer #ACNHDesign https://t.co/phAbtiWaa8 pic.twitter.com/FP5gyHvzRV

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