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Apple’s Latest iOS Update Makes It Easier To Unlock Your iPhone With A Mask On

Image via Shutterstock.com

Apple has launched its latest iOS 13.5 update for the masses, resolving an unprecedented annoyance during the COVID-19 crisis by making it much more convenient to unlock your iPhone when wearing a mask.

Prior to the update, users struggled with Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition technology, and would have to wait for some time before being presented with the secondary passcode screen to unlock their smartphones.

The update will now allow those wearing masks to enter their passcode “automatically” when they swipe up from the bottom of their locked screen.

To enable iOS 13.5, users will have to tap on Settings, and then General to get to the Software Update page. From there, they will be able to install the latest software update.

The new update also comes with Apple and Google’s ‘Exposure Notification’ system, the option to control prominence on Group FaceTime calls so the video tiles do not change in size when a participant is speaking, as well as the ability to automatically share medical information to first-responders in emergencies.

Apple has released iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5, which includes quicker access to passcode when wearing a mask, Exposure Notification API, Group FaceTime enhancements, and more. pic.twitter.com/gJivasVXWC

— Apple Hub (@theapplehub) May 20, 2020

[via Fast Company, cover image via Shutterstock.com]