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Coca-Cola Reinvents Its Iconic 2002 Ad Into A Hopeful PSA During COVID-19 Crisis

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Video screenshot via Coca-Cola

In 2002, Coca-Cola unveiled its iconic Spanish-language ad, called Por Todos (For All), to present a message of unity during the Argentinian Great Depression.

Now, in 2020, the beverage company has reinvented the original ad by creative agency Martín Mercado to address the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

With the help of creative agency Mercado McCann, Coca-Cola released the new ad with the same sense of unity.

The new spot features familiar product images as metaphors. For example, a single Coke bottle is showcased to match the line “for those who are apart,” while a regular-sized bottle with a small bottle by its side illustrates the line, “for those with little ones.”

The spot ends with the message, “We will get through this. For everyone.” Check it out below.

[via Muse By CLIO, cover image via Coca-cola]