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Coors Light’s ‘Clone Machine’ Lets You Make A Duplicate To Attend Zoom Calls

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Beer company Coors Light has launched a ‘Clone Machine’ for you to create a virtual “clone” to take over your video conferences in your stead.

Video conferences have become a common way of communication as people stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you’re trying to sneak your way out of one, you can opt for Coors Light’s new method.

The website lets you record a video of yourself, which you can later use to escape your next video call. All you have to do is record a believable 30-second video of yourself smiling and appearing to pay attention. You can then save the video and use it as a Zoom background.

The clip of yourself will play on loop to trick others into thinking you are actually on call. The company even suggests that the break will give you “just enough time to sneak in a trip to the fridge for a cold beer.”

Try out the ‘Clone Machine’ for yourself here.

You showed us how much America could use a beer. And now we’re giving you the time to enjoy it. Make your clone and let it cover for you on your next video conference call. https://t.co/QSaM0HkHZx #coorslightclonemachine

— Coors Light (@CoorsLight) May 14, 2020

[via Boing Boing, cover image via Shutterstock]