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Designer’s Plastic Shields For Eateries Could Be Future Of Dining Post-Pandemic

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Patrons can now enjoy dining in restaurants safely by sitting underneath a see-through lampshade.

French designer Christophe Gernigon has designed plastic shields called Plex’Eat, which are made out of plexiglass and resemble lampshades. The protective gear covers individual diners in hopes to curb the spread of coronavirus in eateries.

The lampshade is designed with a cut-away at the back, allowing diners to enter and exit easily. Gernigon said that he was inspired when he visited a store in Bangkok, where he witnessed individuals enjoying music inside domes with chairs.

His design has received positive reviews from restaurant owners in Japan, France, and Canada, who are looking to reopen their businesses with new safety measures.

Restaurant owner Mathieu Manzoni, who runs H.A.N.D in Paris, has installed the prototypes of the Plex’Eat, as he thinks the lampshades look “pretty” and “poetic,” aside from being able to keep patrons safe.

Another restaurant that has adopted a new way to keep customers safe while dining is Mediamatic Eten, which has built small glasshouses for diners to sit in.

Christophe Gernigon designed Plex'eat, a protective plexiglass face shield that would dangle over diners in restaurants so they can share a table after the peak of the coronavirus pandemic: https://t.co/qT3zlQqYlk #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/FHeajduCJT

— Dezeen (@dezeen) May 24, 2020

The plexiglass protection Plex'Eat was designed to surround diners to protect them from the #COVID19 at a restaurant in Paris. It is simple to set up and take apart, easy to clean and disinfect, adaptable to all types of establishments and boutiques as well as public places. pic.twitter.com/6RSdZ2k5NG

— China News 中国新闻网 (@Echinanews) May 28, 2020

[via Insider, opening image via Shutterstock]