Looking For Fashion?

Designing the homepage of the app that is loved by millions of users.

One of the primary objectives of the Ecomm homepage is to drive discovery and shape demand for its products. At Myntra this means solving for 50+ fashion and lifestyle categories, 7 Lakh+ products, and 6K + brands. Designing the homepage for a platform like this would require one to solve for the following objectives.

Navigation, Commerce, Monetisation, Trend/Category adoption, Habit Building, & Impulse Browsing

It takes less than half a second to form an opinion and to like or dislike something. So we need to ensure that when users land on the app, we win him/her over in just about that much time. Few guiding principles to design a likable homepage

Personalize both form and function

It’s important to showcase relevant content to users but if you want to connect with them on a deeper level, showcase that content with the most relatable context. To be able to do that you need a deep understanding of demographics and psychographics of your TG. This will help you to craft ideas/imagery/copy that matters to your users.

Choice architecture

As per Thaler and other behavioral economists, people make decisions quickly under pressure, based largely on intuition, and unconsciously guided by biases and psychological fallacies. With your design, you can nudge and guide the choices users are making. We need to keep in mind that Humans prefer simplicity, have a limited attention span, and go out of their way to avoid hassles. Changing the context in which people make choices can make new and desired behavior easier to adopt. Simply put, do not overwhelm the user with many options cramped in a small space. It leads to blind spots and users will just scroll through it without registering the important propositions.

Building habit

Familiarity and freshness are equally important. Do not change the fundamental construct of your page often. It’s very critical for them to be able to easily locate what they are looking for on your page. But invest in keeping the visuals fresh, and keep refreshing the content within the construct which will give users enough reasons to visit your app more frequently.

Going beyond transactions

Bring ideas to showcase a more human side of your brand. Having a POV on topics that matter to people and being able to creatively convey them in a warm, intimidating, and clever way can change the way people think about your brand and ultimately drive likability and trust.

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