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Eerie Black Light Experiment Shows How Rapidly Virus Can Spread In A Restaurant

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Earlier this week, a video from Japan’s NHK public broadcasting organization went viral on social media, as it hauntingly captured how fast and wide a virus can spread within a restaurant.

With the coronavirus pandemic at large, the video helps to highlight the importance of washing your hands and upkeeping hygiene practices. NHK collaborated with regional health professionals to create the footage to demonstrate how one “infected” person can pass on the virus to others in a buffet-style restaurant.

In the video, there were 10 people seated together for dinner together, including one who was “infected” with a virus.

Midway through the meal, a black light was turned on to show how germs had spread in all directions from meals to faces and hands.

John Nicholls, a Hong Kong University clinical pathology professor, told CNN that the video might be effective in conveying how keeping up with hygiene practices can stop the spread of a disease.

NHK conducted an experiment to see how germs spread at a cruise buffet.

They applied fluorescent paint to the hands of 1 person and then had a group of 10 people dine.

In 30 min the paint had transferred to every individual and was on the faces of 3.

— Spoon & Tamago (@Johnny_suputama) May 8, 2020

[via Complex, cover image via Shutterstock]