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Facebook Debuts ‘CatchUp’ Call App That Lets You Dial Up Friends Who Are Online

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Image via Facebook

Facebook’s NPE experimental app team has launched a new audio-only app, called ‘CatchUp’, to help users in the US better connect with each other.

The new app shows you when your friends are available for a chat through a ‘Ready to Talk’ label when they come online. This enables people to call and get in touch with friends and loved ones without interrupting or worrying that they might catch them at the wrong time.

‘CatchUp’ is solely audio-based, so users can multitask during phone calls without having to watch their laptops to hold a conversation. The app also allows them to connect with up to eight people in a call with just one button. Users can tweak their privacy settings to allow those who are able to join them on one-on-one or group calls.

Facebook said in a statement that the app was formed prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but its launch has been accelerated by the NPE team to let self-isolating users stay in touch with their friends and loved ones rom the comfort of their homes.

[via TechCrunch, cover image via Facebook]