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Filmmaker Martin Scorsese Creates New Short Film During Quarantine

Image via aspen rock / Shutterstock.com

Famed filmmaker Martin Scorsese has created a short film in self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic that conveys his personal thoughts on quarantine.

First debuting on the BBC’s Lockdown Culture with Mary Beard, the short is now available on Twitter in three parts spanning a five-minute runtime.

Scorsese illustrated his experience with isolation using imageries and clips from films that have inspired him. The Goodfellas director included references to classic hits, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man and Robert Siodmak’s The Killers.

You can now catch the short film, which is almost like a vlog, on Twitter to get a perspective of how Scorsese is dealing with the lockdown. “At first, it was a day or so of a kind of relief,” Scorsese said at one point. “I didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything… and then, the anxiety set in,” he added.

Watch Scorsese’s short film below.


— Ian Mantgani (@mant_a_tangi) May 28, 2020


— Ian Mantgani (@mant_a_tangi) May 28, 2020

[via Observer, cover image via aspen rock / Shutterstock.com]