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Free Printable ‘Tuna’ Face Mask Covers Will Scale Up Your Pandemic Outfit

Image via Kinki University

While it should be the least of your worries during this imperative period, wearing a face mask out is, admittedly, not the most comfortable experience. How about adding a touch of humor to it so your outings can go about more… swimmingly?

The Kinki University in Osaka, Japan has released a free printable cover for face masks that will make you look like a hyperrealistic tuna from the front and back.

According to grape Japan, tuna was chosen as the theme for face masks because the university is known for its Fisheries Laboratory, which previously helped combat an overfishing problem by cultivating bluefin tuna.

Tuna-round your pandemic outfit by downloading and printing the template here. Perhaps the added gills will make your mask more breathable?

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[via grape Japan, images via Kinki University]