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How to Elevate Fans Interaction on Spotify? An Experience-driven Design

Podcast Listening Is Soaring! How to Elevate Fans Interaction on Spotify?

An Experience-driven Design

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Soaring Market

According to a consumer survey from Edison Research, Podcast Listeners Have Grown 37.5% in 3 Years. Screenless audio brings more flexibility to the podcast. Hence, it turns out a convenient option for learning the topics of one’s interests.

In 2019, Spotify bought Anchor, a platform that provides the easiest way to make podcasts. The act indicates Spotify’s ambition to step into this soaring market.

A Shared Community between Host and Audience

Podcast often form itself as dialogues or interviews, rather than a type of performance, it’s more like a shared community. People who resonate with the content become part of it. In communities, feedbacks and interactions usually play a big role. Among the audience, the guest, and the host, sharing viewpoints and thoughts carves the culture of a podcast.

Pain Points

1. Inconvenient Interactions

After some research, I noticed that many podcasts put their contact information in descriptions. Email is the most prevalent method to get in touch. However, it takes at least 3 steps to reach out:

  1. Note the email address
  2. Hop on another app that supports sending emails
  3. Write something & send
Being an engaged fan is easy, but if it takes too many steps to get in touch, I would rather ignore it even though I have a lot to share.

2. Confused Audiences

Due to the form of podcasts, it’s not happening in real-time with the audience. The replies to fans’ emails are often scattered in different episodes. This leads to a vague dialogue without context, which makes some audiences confused. On top of that, newcomers may find it difficult to blend in the culture due to these circumstances.


To Improve More Engagement

Inherited the features of the broadcast, we can see mutual conversations take place in various forms, like call-in, mailing, etc… Engagement is built during these moments.

This shouldn’t be abandoned when we move to podcasts. Therefore, I put in some interactive stimuli to encourage more in-app engagement with the aim of solving the pain point of the inconvenient interactions.

1. Comment Board

since this is a product used by an enormous number of users, I avoid making risky big adjustments

In the preview page, we can see how many times the show had been played and the number of comments left in the episode. This helps users evaluate the popularity of the show, and encourage users to take a further step to join a discussion.

To Reply & Like

For newcomers who may feel confused about fragmented conversations, the comment board provides a trace to understand the context. Reducing the chance of hazy dialogues, make it more friendly and easier to step into a new community.

2. Pop-up Dialogue Boxes while Playing

Podcasts are usually played during screenless moments. To help users discover the comment board, selected comments are popping up while playing.

Demonstrated in the form of dialogue boxes implies that comments can be replied.

This encourages users to open up conversations, and furthermore, enhances the connection and the possibilities of making friends in this community.

CTA button to get to comment board

Open up Mutual Conversations via The Platform

According to an article from Spotify, 81% of listeners have taken action after hearing audio ads during a podcast(such as: tell friends, connect on social media, purchase the mentioned product). That is to say, podcast fans listen up and take action, and those strong connections can not be ignored.

On the whole, communication and interaction is the most critical part of a healthy community.

Interactions in real life have changed dramatically along with the latest technology. However, the desire of making connections remains the same. Between the audience and the hosts, the platform holds the key to keep conversations going on, and more importantly, allows people to stay tuned.

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