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How To Keep Your Glasses Fog-Free While You Have A Face Mask On

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While face masks aren’t the most comfortable articles of clothing in the world, people wearing glasses have one extra struggle on top of everybody else. When you breathe under your mask, your lenses tend to fog up, and it’s not only harder to see but also a little awkward when you make eye contact with someone.

Luckily, the problem isn’t something you have to live with. Last week, The Wall Street Journal published a step-by-step infographic on how to leave your glasses clear with your mask on, and it turns out that you just need a tissue or napkin to keep the garment snug, but, most importantly, fog-absorbant so your eyewear doesn’t take on the burden.

As explained in the visual guide, you can fold a tissue lengthwise five or six times, at an inch apart, and then line it along the top of the back of your mask.

You can then put your mask on by securing the bottom of it on your chin first, before pulling the top up and placing the straps around your ears. You might need to adjust the tissue nose guard if it remains too loose.

Alternatively, you can also wash your spectacles with soap and water, as the mix creates a film on your glasses that wicks off moisture. Exer Urgent Care additionally recommends tightening your mask or inserting a cotton pipe cleaner in between to remove gaps between your protective equipment and your eyewear.

Steps to leaving your glasses fog-free can be found below. Head over here to take a look at the Wall Street Journal’s infographic in full resolution.

From today’s @WSJ: How to keep your glasses clear when wearing a mask. pic.twitter.com/i9BQNsgM4l

— Raymond T. Hightower (@RayHightower) May 15, 2020

Do your glasses fog up when you wear a face mask? We've shared a few solutions that can help clear the fog while ensuring you are staying protected! #UrgentCare #Quarantine #AloneTogether #StayHome pic.twitter.com/4kvCbcAHJq

— Exer Urgent Care (@ExerUrgentCare) May 9, 2020

[via The Wall Street Journal, images via various sources]