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IKEA Discloses Its Most Popular Products In The United States

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IKEA is home to thousands of thoughtful and affordable solutions geared for all sorts of homes. It is easy to get lost in its mazes, not only because they’re designed to make you snake around, but also because there are so many products available in each category, whether you’re looking for a bookshelf, desk, or bed.

With that being said, there are a number of standout pieces you’re likely to be familiar with. These furniture items have stood the test of time, and you might find at least one of them in each house you visit. They’re so versatile, you can expect homeowners to take them along with them when they move.

IKEA has listed its best-selling items with FOX Business, and here are three of them.

ALEX drawer unit, US$79

Image via IKEA

The sleek ALEX drawer unit is designed to fit into all interior styles, no matter if you prefer it to blend in or stand out. It is finished on all sides, even at the back, so you can also place it in the middle of the room. “All sides are beautiful,” IKEA notes.

Image via IKEA

KALLAX shelf unit, US$179

Image via IKEA

Another versatile best-seller is the KALLAX shelf unit, which can be placed “standing or lying, against the wall or to divide the room” and filled with other storage pieces, depending on your preference, available space, or budget.

Image via IKEA

TROFAST storage combination with boxes, US$86.99

Image via IKEA

Every kid’s room needs an organization system for toys, and the TROFAST series might be it. It’s constructed with sturdy wooden frames and is accompanied with lightweight plastic boxes that children can easily remove and put back after playtime.

Image via IKEA

Check out the complete list to discover more of IKEA’s top-selling items in the US.

And if you have ever wondered how the Swedish giant goes about naming its products, this explainer might pique your interest.

[via FOX Business, images via various sources]