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Internet Users Envision The Possibility Of A Parallel Universe Through Memes

Image via Shutterstock.com

A study by NASA researchers prompted News Scientist to publish an article about the possibility of a parallel universe where time has been moving backwards, and internet users are humoring the idea of such existence through memes.

Researchers discovered radio waves from high-energy neutrinos—unknown cosmic particles that have a little to no mass—with the use of The Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) and IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica. 

They used a huge balloon to lift electronic antennas into the sky above Antarctica, and scientists found that the “wind” of participates from space seemed to be “a million times more powerful” than anything that has ever discovered before.

The energy level of these particles led to the speculation that these particles could be traveling backward in time, suggesting a possibility of a parallel universe.

However, the research on the source and the direction of the neutrinos was inconclusive. A post in January on IceCube’s website claimed the neutrinos should be considered to involve “exotic physics.”

Now, internet users are entertaining the idea of a parallel universe with humor, of course. One user shared a photo of several superheroes from the various franchises as the other Avengers in the parallel universe.

“Imagine a parallel universe where we got this instead,” the post read.

Another user posted a photo of Hilary Duff’s character as Lizzie McGuire with her doppelgänger from the film 2003 film The Lizzie McGuire Movie. The post was humorously captioned as, “Can’t wait for my parallel universe self and [me] to finally meet.”

Check out some of the best parallel universe memes below.

Me hoping parallel universe me is doing okay 🥺 pic.twitter.com/1p6UBCWGWF

— Moho (@malkhawam) May 21, 2020

Imagine a parallel universe where we got this instead. pic.twitter.com/nPNwxTyaER

— MisAnthro Pony (@MisAnthroPony) May 21, 2020

Me seeing myself in the parallel universe pic.twitter.com/Z43DdnOWhg

— GoatMelo (@knickstape007) May 21, 2020

can’t wait for my parallel universe self and i to finally meet pic.twitter.com/1Z3Ss04Qdv

— allison (@alfrebowitz) May 21, 2020

Me when I link up with the parallel universe version me pic.twitter.com/Olmujl7dP9

— 𝕴𝖇𝖇𝖞 (@ibby_k7) May 21, 2020

Me, choking my parallel universe doppelganger who has a better life than me so I can take his place. pic.twitter.com/sPyGZY10uV

— Astor George (@grandpabbychuck) May 21, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Scientists at NASA release images of parallel universe pic.twitter.com/m8PVCzLZTO

— dusty (@ansiiboy) May 21, 2020

[via Now This News, cover image via Shutterstock.com]