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Joe Exotic Has Received ‘Animal Crossing’ Treatment In ‘Nookflix & Chill’ Mashup

Image via IMDb and Vantage_DS / Shutterstock.com

This year, there has been two strong contenders in the realm of pop culture and they are Netflix’s Tiger King and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, the best of both worlds have come together in the form of Nookflix and Chill - Tiger King.

In this creative concept, Tiger King’s trailer has been transported into the virtual land of Animal Crossing. The trailer was conceived by Reddit user elpinko, who took close to two weeks to stitch the backdrop, design the iconic characters, play out the scenes in-game and edit the full trailer, per Games Radar.

Aside from recreating yourself as Joe Exotic in Animal Crossing, you can also check out luxury fashion pieces by Marc Jacobs and Valentino for your digital persona in-game. To keep fans entertained indoors, Nintendo recently shared a peformance video of the real musicians playing the video game’s signature theme song on YouTube.

Nookflix and Chill - Tiger King from r/AnimalCrossing

[via Games Radar, cover image via IMDb and Vantage_DS / Shutterstock.com]