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News Bloopers Are Pure Comedy Gold Now That Anchors Are Working From Home

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If you need a good laugh, news bloopers are often the way to go. Now, throw remote-working into the mix and they’re suddenly even better.

The new work-from-home routine can be especially difficult for some, including news anchors who are used to being on the ground. Now that they’re reporting from their living rooms or bedrooms, they’ve been faced with a horde of obstacles, such as their cats and new camera angles revealing they’ve been pantless all along.

To make your day, YouTube channel News Be Funny has rounded up the most hilarious news bloopers from April 2020, when reporters had just begun to adjust to the new normal.

Dads walk into sets shirtless, reporters talk over each other, and dogs beg to be interviewed. Play the epic compilation below to revel in 13 minutes of chaotic good, something the world needs today.

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