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OnlyFans Sees Traffic Spike Following Beyoncé’s Shoutout In ‘Savage’ Remix

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Image via JStone / Shutterstock.com

Beyoncé recently teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion to release a remixed version of Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song Savage. The track, inadvertently, gave a traffic boost to the video content platform, OnlyFans.

The song referenced both Tiktok and OnlyFans in a verse, which goes by “Hips TikTok when I dance. On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans.”

Within 24 hours after the song was released, OnlyFans received a “15-percent spike in traffic,” according to a spokesperson for the platform.

“The surprise call-out from Beyoncé on the Savage remix was very exciting for us, to say the least,” OnlyFans CEO and founder Tim Stokely also noted during an interview with The Daily Beast.

The proceeds collected by the remix track will go towards the coronavirus relief efforts in Houston, where both the artists were originally from. Check out the remixed track below.

[via Dazed, cover image via JStone / Shutterstock.com]