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Paint Brand Creates New Wall Pigment That Supposedly Kills Coronavirus

Image via Shutterstock

Singapore-based paint manufacturer Nippon Paint has released a new paint, dubbed as VirusGuard+, with antimicrobial properties that can purportedly destroy coronavirus on the walls.

The company, an affiliate of Japan’s Nippon Paint, claims that the paint is formulated with copper ion technology than can break down viruses and bacteria through “contact killing,” per Business Insider Singapore.

“The encapsulated copper ions work to destroy the capsid protein layer and fragment the genetic material in viruses to mitigate its multiplication,” Nippon Paint said in a statement.

However, the formula will not work if there is chipping or any scratches on the painted wall.

According to the publication, the company had carried out a test by a third-party laboratory, which found that the paint was able to inactivate human coronavirus strain 229E, often linked with cold symptoms and upper respiratory tract infections.

[via Business Insider Singapore, cover image via Shutterstock]