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Popeyes Is Recruiting Musicians Nationwide To Reinvent Its Iconic Jingle

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Screenshot via Popeyes

Popeyes has unveiled a new campaign, called #LoveThatJingle, to aid struggling musicians impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fast food company will pay musicians to record their rendition of its iconic Love That Chicken jingle, which will later be featured in Popeyes adverts.

The campaign started off in New Orleans, the home of Popeyes, and is now open to musicians across the nation, who are now invited to submit their recordings on social media with the hashtag “#LoveThatJingle.”

Applications are open from 1 to 18 May 2020, and musicians selected for the campaign will be informed of their involvement by a Popeyes representative via social media or email by 25 May 2020.

Popeyes requests that applicants film themselves in a horizontal frame and avoid dressing in clothing with branded elements. A new page includes the original sheet music for Love That Chicken and tips for recording music at home.

The winning adaptions will be featured in television and radio spots. The company will also compensate the chosen musicians and include the submitted video content on its social media platforms.

[via A.List Daily, cover image via Popeyes]