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Quiz: The Ideal Job For Your Personal Work Style, Based On Career Data

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Another side effect to the unexpected changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic is that many are now left without work. The economic downturn has forced the newly-unemployed and those with tighter budgets to look for new career changes.

If you’re searching for more options, there’s a quick test you can take for a gauge of which paths might be worth exploring. This quiz, published by Quartz in 2018, was recently reposted by the news outlet on social media, and could serve as a timely assessment for which fields to look into based on your work style.

Culling research from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the quiz considers the amount of mental and physical labor expected in hundreds of the most popular occupations, and pairs it with your willingness to complete the required tasks.

The test is based on results from an in-depth Occupation Requirement Survey answered by about 30,000 US employers in 2015 and 2016. Participants were asked over 100 questions about the day-to-day experiences of their employees’ jobs—such as how outdoorsy or social a role is—and Quartz used these characteristics to pair them with your personal work style.

After taking the quiz, this writer was matched with the job scope of a graphic designer.

How might you fare? Take the test here.

[via Quartz, cover image via Shutterstock]