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Studio Ghibli Museum Is Giving Virtual Tours Despite Usually Banning Photography

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Image via cowardlion / Shutterstock.com

The Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo had to shut down in February when Japan was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the museum is now allowing fans to view the museum’s prominent exhibitions via its YouTube channel.

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s films can virtually visit the museum through videos shared by the elusive museum, which normally frowns upon photography within its vicinity.

One of the videos, shown below, showcases the main entrance of the building, which sports a window glass with My Neighbor Totoro-based designs.

The museum was set to reopen in March but the lasting impact of the virus propelled the museum to extend its closure. It has provided refunds for tickets dated till 31 July 2020.

[via Dazed, cover image via cowardlion / Shutterstock.com]