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Supermarket Comes Under Fire For Selling Kids’ Unicorn Toy With Phallic ‘Horn’

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Australian retailer has found itself under scrutiny once again after a shopper noticed a children’s unicorn toy with a gigantic penis as its horn.

The shopper, named Ashleigh, had picked up the supermarket’s Dream Winter Castle kids set, which included the unfortunate toy. Appalled, she posted the obscene figurine on the ‘Kmart Hacks and Décor’ Facebook page, writing, “Mmkay Kmart. Subliminal messages or the guys at the castle-making factory were high… 2020 unicorn horn?”

The odd-looking unicorn toy sparked a debate among social media users. “People! This species is none other than the Biggus-Dickus White Horse, originating from the Isle of Stiffrod,” one Facebook user joked. “In what world does this look like a feather?” another user asked.

This isn’t the first time Kmart has sold X-rated items on the kids’ section. Previously, the store had to recall a Frozen-themed kid’s diary that contained a list of sex toys.

Kmart’s chief toy buyer is again under scrutiny after shoppers noticed a kid’s unicorn toy that appeared to have its horn replaced by a gigantic penis.https://t.co/n2qmqJZqyT

— B&T (@bandt) May 11, 2020

[via B&T, opening image via Shutterstock]