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Domino’s Pizza Mobile App Redesign- UI/UX Case Study

Domino’s Pizza Mobile App Redesign— UI/UX Case StudySimplifying the UI/UX design for its usersDisclaimer -I’m not affiliated with Domino’s Pizza Inc. in any capacity, and the views for this case study are strictly my own. Since I don’t have full access to all the user data that influenced their current design, this case study is not fully comprehensive. This case study was done to enhance my...

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Redesigning my office transportation app.

In this case study, I will tell about how I fixed a bad and frustrating experience with design.Once upon a time when we didn't know the meaning of QUARANTINE and didn't practice social distancing. Yes!! I am talking about the colorful pre corona days. When we used to go to the office 5 days a week thinking about how much fun it would be to do work from home more often. Although now it feels...

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Redefining Dating Apps — UX/UI Case Study

Redefining Dating Apps — UX/UI Case StudyIntroductionToday a lot of dating apps in the market focus on matching users and provide a texting platform. They do so in different ways, but their focus is on providing their users with introductions to each other. As such, those can be described as matching-apps. Their main fault is their matching-dating ratio, which stands on an average of 150:1. As...

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Phyto, A Hackathon Case Study

NLP Summit 2020 Hackathon WinnersEmpowering our Farmers for a Better FutureThe ProblemWith global warming, climate change, and water pollution on the rise, we could be dealing with a harsh future. Food shortages are not something we want to add to the list!TechCrunch reports that 40% of the world’s crops are lost to disease, we want to be a major breakthrough for agriculture, especially in poorer...

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PESU Academy Mobile App Redesign — UI/UX Case Study

PESU Academy Mobile App Redesign — UI/UX Case StudyAs an Interaction Designer, I always try to look for things around me that I believe can be improved for a better experience. This time, I chose the PES University’s official mobile application and challenged myself to come up with a better user experience along with an updated interface in a stipulated time frame.What is PESU Academy?PESU Academy...

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