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11 Black-owned businesses to buy from this Black Friday

Give the gift of great design with these standout products from Black entrepreneurs. The weekend after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping period of the year; for many brands, Black Friday is when they make their biggest margins. But it also tends to be a time when consumers load up impulse purchases without giving much thought to where they’re spending their money and who they’re supporting.Read Full Story

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The Netherlands is transforming old ashtrays into bike charging stations

In the Netherlands, lung cancer gives way for cardio-friendly commutes. There are few less appealing items in the universe than the ashtray. It’s literally a container for soot, carcinogens, and the occasional whiff of menthol. But in train stations across the Netherlands, the lanky, six-foot smoke poles are something of an architectural icon. So even as 300 of the poles were removed from stations last October when public smoking at railways became illegal, railroad owner ProRail has securely stored the poles, wanting them preserved for a new purpose.Read Full Story

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Inside the race to save Notre Dame Cathedral

‘Saving Notre Dame’ documents the massive effort to rebuild the historic cathedral. On April 15, 2019, Joby Lubman got home from work and turned on the TV to see Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral burning. “My jaw just dropped, and I was transfixed. I watched the whole thing happen live on the news as it played out,” says Lubman, who makes documentary films. Like many around the world, Lubman watched as the cathedral’s spire collapsed and firefighters worked for hours to put out the flames, saving the 850-year-old architectural masterpiece from complete destruction.Read Full Story

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Students reimagine Mr. Coffee, Sharpie, and Paper Mate without plastic

Newell Brands, the company behind Paper Mate, Sharpie, Contigo, and Mr. Coffee, enlisted students to redesign its iconic products without plastic. Every year, humans produce 300 tons of plastic, much of which goes on to clog our landfills and oceans. It can be hard to wrap your head around such an enormous figure, but when you look around your home, you quickly notice how many objects in your daily life are made of plastic. The casing of your Sharpie and Paper Mate pens. The exterior of your Mr. Coffee machine. The Contigo bottle you take on walks.Read Full Story

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The 9 most gorgeous dishes to serve on Thanksgiving, according to designers

Virtual Thanksgiving means visual eye candy is on the menu this year. While Zoom is great for conference calls, it’s no Smell-O-Vision. That means your virtual Thanksgiving guests won’t get to experience all the sensory pleasures of your meal. But there’s a silver lining for design aficionados: Those who love a beautifully curated dish, now is your time to shine. With digital Thanksgivings about to be in full swing, I think it’s safe to say there has never been a more apt moment to make it for the ‘gram.Read Full Story

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