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How to get executive buy-in for your design system approach

PRODUCT DESIGNArgument collection to convince the product stakeholders to build a design systemToday, design systems are mentioned in almost every conference dedicated to Internet marketing. Media makes ratings of the most successful cases, and big brands are actively working on their implementation. In this article, we’ll talk about why design systems are needed and how to correctly implement...

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Building Scalable Design Systems Across Organizations: The Approach, Process and Outcome

Design Systems for UX consultants — The client pitch and processIf you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard a lot about design systems already and know a lot about the technical side of things — Atomic design, design tokens, UI patterns, Storybook et al.In this post, I’m going to focus on the procedural side of design systems, one that is seldom discussed. And as the name suggests, this post...

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Unlock time with Figma's Auto Layout

Overcoming pixel-pushing with dynamic mockupsOur tools have long optimized repetitive manual work. We’re experiencing technology that allows us more time to think and focus on what matters. Along this line, Figma has delivered enhancements for designers such as Tidy Up, Smart Selection, Components, and Constraints. Auto Layout has recently joined this group, as they continue to iterate on our...

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Introducing the Lingo Design System

Months ago, I started my journey here at Humi as the only designer at a rapidly scaling startup. Task number one seemed pretty straight forward; start building a design system. I had worked with design systems before during production work and helped to contribute to them, but never had the task of building one from the ground up. I was excited yet nervous as I knew how big of a beast design...

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