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What makes a good designer 3: Collaboration

What Makes a Good Designer 3 : CollaborationImage by https://www.headspace.com/I set “collaboration” as the topic for this closing article of “What makes a good designer” series. The reason is that as designers, users are the evaluators of our work. However, they won’t use a mockup from some Sketch file, but the end product we ship to them. Therefore, a big part of designers’ responsibility is to...

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To the mistakes we never made

Handling errors in an imperfect real worldWho do you blame when you accidentally forget to turn off the gas knob?“Oops that slipped my mind (because I picked up cooking only during quarantine times hence mistake by a novice)”Who do you blame when you accidentally press the power button instead of the volume up button on your phone?“Why do I keep forgetting this every time?”Who do you blame when...

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Gamification — Considerations and Experiences

Gamification — Considerations and ExperiencesOf all the articles I’ve written in the past, the topic of Gamification has been tangential to some of its subjects, however I’ve shied away from tackling it until I could showcase a somewhat unique angle to it. This reservation hasn’t occurred for lack of research or experience, but mostly because there are so many great resources and articles written...

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