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Masterclass app for Creative Arts

Designing an app that teaches Creative Arts - A UI/UX Case StudyIn this case study, I’ll be sharing my process behind designing an EdTech app which specializes in teaching Creative Arts. It was one of the assignments at 10kdesigners.Design BriefNow that most of us are staying indoors due to Covid-19, we’ve seen the explosion of a lot of Zoom meet-ups and live streams. People are looking for new...

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Design thinking in practice

Image credit : Daria NepriakhinaDesign thinking, a powerful tool, a creative way of solving a problem. Design thinking as the words say, “design” and “thinking”, it gives access to everyone to use creative thinking and designer’s toolbox to solve a problem and drive innovation.IDEO popularized the term “design thinking”, from their earlier days, they have been practicing human-centered design, and...

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Lean UX versus Design Thinking

As there are lots of different processes out there to solve a problem, It creates confusion about what to choose, which is better for us, and sometimes it also creates conflicts, because when it comes to teams, they start to advocate for their methodologies or processes.First of all, It’s not a fight about which is better and which isn’t. It’s about choosing the efficient process according to...

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Data-Informed Thinking: How-to incorporate data into your design process

Why Analytics?Generating actionable insights before embarking on a site redesign or update is crucial for creating a successful foundation for your design projects. Whether it’s for a website, app, or e-commerce shop, it’s vital to use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to aid you in your design process. Although this analysis is a critical first step for any design project, it...

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Cut Your Design Sprint Time in Half

Traditionally, design sprints involve developers, designers, product managers, and other stakeholders coming together over the course of 5 days with the purpose of prototyping ideas, gathering insights on users, and validating them before building solutions with company resources. Like most start-ups, we are always extremely busy, and getting people to work for 5 days felt like a lot, even 2 days was a stretch for some so we decided to see if we could come up with a way to get the same results in a fraction of the time.

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