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Material Dark 101 and Designing Snapchat Dark Mode (Part 1)

Material Dark 101 and Designing Snapchat Dark ModeIn this article, I breakdown the Material Dark theme and design Snapchat’s Dark Mode based on those principles. Let’s get started!Snapchat Dark Mode ConceptFirst things first — Why is dark the new favorite?Ever since Google announced the launch of the Dark Theme in its Google I/O 2019 conference, almost every Mobile Application, Web App, Website is...

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Natural color palettes for UI design

Natural paletteHow to use natural color combinationsWhat is the most beautiful thing we can ever see in our life? For me it is nature. Oceans, rivers, mountains, spring forests, grassy fields, flowers and animals. There are lots of wonderful landscapes on Earth, that are more shocking and awe-inspiring than everything that has ever been created by man. There are of course great and amazing places,...

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Best Three Color Scheme for UI Design

Part 2. Introduction to Natural palettesMusic & ColorsWhat do you feel when you listen to music? I have a very visual imagination, so I often can’t help but picture colours, shapes, objects and sometimes even landscapes. This is especially true when it comes to live concerts or classical music. Every composition has its own shade of joy or sadness, love or misery.I think this goes both ways....

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