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Masterclass app for Creative Arts

Designing an app that teaches Creative Arts - A UI/UX Case StudyIn this case study, I’ll be sharing my process behind designing an EdTech app which specializes in teaching Creative Arts. It was one of the assignments at 10kdesigners.Design BriefNow that most of us are staying indoors due to Covid-19, we’ve seen the explosion of a lot of Zoom meet-ups and live streams. People are looking for new...

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Application Posture

Aligning posture with purposeTai Chi posturesMuch like a human being’s posture, an application’s posture is how it presents itself to the world. The applications that we use may be bold and loud, or timid and sterile — and these design decisions should be based on a global strategy implemented to apply an appearance and behavior that aligns with a product’s purpose.One of the first questions to...

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Designing a referral program — A UI/UX case study

Designing a referral program — A UI/UX case studyIn this Case study, I have described my process of designing a referral system for an Ed-tech app — Artbay. The referral system is inspired by Google Pays gamification and lottery scratch cards.Some context about ArtbayArtbay is a media and Ed-tech platform in Creative niche arts. It’s an alternative education platform and is conceptualized to...

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