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The User Experience of Investment Performance Reporting

Investment performance reporting plays an important role in maintaining a long-­term advisor-client relationship.The 2016 survey of retail and institutional investors, From Trust to Loyalty: A Global Survey of What Investors Want, conducted by CFA Institute, highlights transparency and communicationamong the key elements of a successful advisor-­client relationship. The importance of investment...

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5 Tips for Conducting Contextual Inquiry

As UX practitioners we must work to understand users’ conscious and unconscious actions, but how?We all know that users often misreport when asked questions, not because they are looking to intentionally deceive us, but because they are humans with their specializations, constructed self-images, and fallible memories. More often than not, they will lack the vocabulary of the discipline, tell you...

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Application Posture

Aligning posture with purposeTai Chi posturesMuch like a human being’s posture, an application’s posture is how it presents itself to the world. The applications that we use may be bold and loud, or timid and sterile — and these design decisions should be based on a global strategy implemented to apply an appearance and behavior that aligns with a product’s purpose.One of the first questions to...

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