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5 Tips for Conducting Contextual Inquiry

As UX practitioners we must work to understand users’ conscious and unconscious actions, but how?We all know that users often misreport when asked questions, not because they are looking to intentionally deceive us, but because they are humans with their specializations, constructed self-images, and fallible memories. More often than not, they will lack the vocabulary of the discipline, tell you...

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Usability Heuristics, Indeed

Usability heuristics, or usually, the 10 Usability Heuristics as formulated by Nielsen and Molich (1990) — there are others — are an industry standard first-look assessment at web site and app digital usability. Here’s a few tips on using the heuristics approach — based on experience and by looking at the Indeed Jobs app on an Apple iPhone for some examples.“Ten times the impact if you discover a...

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Tips on Conducting Guerrilla Usability Testing

Guerrilla usability testing is a fast and cheap way to test your ideas, it is a powerful technique when you don’t have resources to set up the testing room, plan a screener, recruit users and then interview and incentivize them.It can be useful in a lean environment when you have to test your hypothesis regularly like every week, to get quick feedback and validate your hypothesis.Conducting a...

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