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Fillin  —  financial literacy app, design process step-by-step

Fillin — financial literacy app, design process step-by-step— сhapter 1ProblemUnfortunately, in our time, many young people fall into a credit trap, they do not know how to manage their financial resources. And even the simple task of paying for services or receiving a subsidy turns into hell for them and an endless vicious circle that cannot be broken. It is necessary to teach them how to...

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Heuristics #9: Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, & Recover from Errors-Simplified by the examples.

The Jakob Nielsen’s 10 heuristics will be served as a series or as episodes to you all. I will publish each heuristic a week- Every Thursday.If you haven’t read or you want to know what is heuristics, why we need them & who made this? For that, you can check this article- Heuristics #1: Visibility of system status.ERROR… is the word that we all deal frequently in our daily activities, especially...

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Weekly Design Inspiration #282

via Muzli design inspiration The Queen’s Gambit by @yippieheyDesigners’ Secret SourceThe best design inspiration — expertly curated for you.Muzli is a new-tab Chrome extension that instantly delivers relevant design stories and inspiration. Learn moreTaskEz: Productivity App iOS UI Kit by Tran Mau Tri TamKeyVue video calling app by Karol KosMetroPulse Metronome by Mik SkuzaStudio ABC // Home page...

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