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Mobile App for Vienna Cocktail Festival — UI/UX Case Study

Mobile App for Vienna Cocktail Festival — UI/UX Case StudyFROM COCKTAIL FESTIVAL TO DIGITAL PLATFORM FOR COCKTAIL LOVERS & BARFLIES Due to the COVID-19, there was a real concern regarding if the app would happened at all. The decision was made to move forward with the project, and the Liquid Market Festival was held on the open on Aug 13, 2020 in Vienna following all restrictions and social...

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How we used Voice to supercharge customer engagement- UX case study

We built a voice assistant who answered calls, routed calls and created tasks for the users! The call me back assistant answered, spoke to, got responses, and captured responses for 80% of after-hours calls in the pilot itself! That’s 8 of the 10 leads which could have been completely missed because no one could answer them. Read on to know more about it.IntroductionMetroleadsis a Marketing,...

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