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Fillin  —  financial literacy app, design process step-by-step

Fillin — financial literacy app, design process step-by-step— сhapter 1ProblemUnfortunately, in our time, many young people fall into a credit trap, they do not know how to manage their financial resources. And even the simple task of paying for services or receiving a subsidy turns into hell for them and an endless vicious circle that cannot be broken. It is necessary to teach them how to...

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Masterclass app for Creative Arts

Designing an app that teaches Creative Arts - A UI/UX Case StudyIn this case study, I’ll be sharing my process behind designing an EdTech app which specializes in teaching Creative Arts. It was one of the assignments at 10kdesigners.Design BriefNow that most of us are staying indoors due to Covid-19, we’ve seen the explosion of a lot of Zoom meet-ups and live streams. People are looking for new...

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