Looking For Fashion?

This science-backed face mask made by an MIT-founded fashion brand is the best we’ve found yet

Looking for a mask? Ministry of Supply has a Nelson Labs-certified filtrating mask that puts your cotton bandanna to shame.

As restrictions begin to loosen in the coming weeks, getting “back out there” is going to look a little different. Companies including Uber and JetBlue are requiring masks for all passengers, while places like Washington, D.C., and L.A. have mandated wearing them in grocery stores. That’s not to mention city- and statewide ordinances that mandate that anyone who is outside—for any reason—must wear a mask. Plus, it’s the CDC’s official recommendation. While homemade bandanna and T-shirt masks were great in a pinch (and technically pass regulations), we’re betting you and health experts would both prefer something robust as the world reopens. And while some masks made by fashion and shoe companies are very stylish, it’s hard to tell what’s actually effective from what’s just aesthetic.

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