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Tokyo 2020 Officials Are Infuriated With COVID-19/Olympics Mashup Parody Logo

Image via Tokyo 2020

Tokyo Olympics officials weren’t too happy after a magazine had merged its Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo with the structure of the coronavirus for its cover.

The coronavirus-Olympic mashup logo appeared on the cover of Number 1 Shimbun, a magazine for the Foreign Correspondence Club of Japan (FCCP). The doctored emblem, designed by the magazine’s art director Andrew Pothecary, was also presented with the word “COVID-19” underneath it.

Tokyo 2020 spokesperson Masa Takaya announced that organizers have requested for the disturbing icon to be taken down.

Takaya said that doctoring and associating the Games emblem to the coronavirus was a “disappointing” move, as the virus has affected people all over the world. “The design is clearly using the design of the Olympic emblem. We therefore consider it an infringement on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic emblem,” Takaya continued.

Pothecary, a British designer based in Tokyo, justified that his creation was a “parody,” but other designers thought it was tasteless.

“It is insensitive to many people being affected,” Takaya commented.

La revista "Number 1 #Shimbun" en #Japón fusiono el #logo de los #JuegosOlímpicos con el #Covid19. El #diseñográfico debe ser ejercido como herramienta para la prevención con respeto y sensibilidad. ️ #CrossAC #NoticiaCross #RT #Coronavirus #Pandemiahttps://t.co/V9Mr9HdEQM

— Cross AC (@CrossACX) May 20, 2020

[via ESPN, opening image via Tokyo 2020]