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Tokyo Aquarium Wants You To FaceTime Eels Who Are Now Feeling Shy In Isolation

Image via Shutterstock

As Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium shut down in early March to practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, its 300 garden eels have settled into “a non-human environment and have forgotten about people.”

This is worrying as the garden eels are beginning to bury themselves in the sand and are hiding from humans, making it harder for keepers to check on their health.

To help these little spotted creatures feel comfortable with humans again, the aquarium has announced a Face Show Festival, where people can call in via FaceTime to interact with the eels.

With tablets around the tank, people can accompany the lonely eels from 3 May 2020 to 5 May 2020. Now that you’re in self-isolation, you can help out the aquarium by meeting these eels virtually.

However, you will need to keep your volume down as loud noises will scare the eels away. You can wave, show your face, or speak softly to the eels to encourage them to feel at ease with the presence of humans again.

[via Fast Company, cover image via Shutterstock]