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Try Out Damien Hirst’s Iconic ‘Spin’ Painting Method Via AR Filter On Snapchat

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Image via Snapchat x Damien Hirst

Notable artist Damien Hirst has partnered with Snapchat to develop an augmented-reality lens for users to create their own versions of his famous Spin artworks.

Hirst’s Spin painting series first started in 1994 when he used a large spin machine to make abstract, colorful paintings. The unique method sees the artist pouring and tossing paint onto a spinning canvas in a circular shape. The mechanical motion then forms the unique patterns that are seen in his paintings.

Similarly, the new feature on Snapchat allows the user to “pour” in colorful paint onto a moving disc, which appears on the ground of the user’s living space through the AR lens. “Anyone can make a Spin painting now,” Hirst encouraged in a video showcasing the AR feature.

The collaboration aims to raise funds for Partners in Health, a nonprofit social justice organization working on COVID-19 relief efforts. To get involved, head on over here.

[via It’s Nice That, cover image via Snapchat x Damien Hirst]