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Uber Eats Makes It Easier To Send Food To Your Friends With New Feature

Image via Uber

Now that many are staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, food delivery apps are in high demand, why is why Uber Eats has introduced a new feature to make it easier to send food to your loved ones.

Previously, the person ordering food on behalf of another had to track the delivery and send updates to whoever was collecting the food.

The update allows the sender to provide a tracking link to the recipient, who can keep track of the order on their end.

In line with the new feature, Uber teamed up with Starbucks to encourage US customers to send treats to their loved ones via a ‘#SendACup’ campaign.

#SendACup from @Starbucks to someone you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day. ☕️

You can now share a tracking link and let your loved ones know an order is on the way. pic.twitter.com/LwqIk49UMe

— Uber Eats (@UberEats) May 6, 2020

[via TechCrunch, cover image via Uber]