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UX Hacks of COVID19 Exercise

UX Hacks of COVID19 Exercising

And now, some pro tips for running and cycling in these Corona Virus times to keep that “in the moment” fitness user experience fresh. Your mileage may vary with these depending on the context as you find yourself out there keeping fit.

I have personally tested each of these insights using the latest UX methods and tools worldwide in the wild. I guarantee they all work effectively, or your money back.

Vaseline. The New Gold. Image by author.

Earbuds and AirPods

Heard about this one at the 2018 Dublin City Marathon and innovated.

Are your favorite in-ear running devices suffering at from loss of sound quality as your ears fill up with sweat? No problem. A quick swipe of the runner’s friend Vaseline on the top of the ears prevents water running down onto the devices. *

Eyes and Sunglasses

Being driven nuts by sweat running into your eyes or contributing to those fogged up shades? Vaseline again, the Post-its / Duct tape of running is the answer. A swipe of said sticky magic over the eyebrows works wonders.

Cold Cycling?

Are you frozen when you set out on your road bike and then get too hot after those first 10 KOMs? Try putting a newspaper (remember those) down the front of your cycling jersey. The extra layers will provide insulation and you can remove it later and recycle (ha!) en route. Or even read it if you fall off. I like the Financial Times.

Note: This does not work with the digital versions of newspapers.

Race Start Blues

Dontcha hate having to wait in the starting corral until the race kicks off? I remember one Florence Marathon (2014, I think) where it took ages for the event to start because the organizers were waiting for the final score of a soccer match to come in. You’re frozen stiff, shivering, cranky. Answer, buy a cheap disposable painter’s coveralls (3M again) and wear it until the group starts moving. Quickly dispose of it before hitting the start button on your sports watch, recycling the suit properly. First saw this one at the 2016 Paris Marathon and it’s now EU-wide. British runners prefer bin bags. Brexit again.

Drinking on the Run

Although I did see several runners at the last Bay-To-Breakers in San Francisco on the move (and on the ground) with hydration packs filled with Tequila, this one is about water and sports drinks. Always spilling those cups of hydration at the feeding station as you start off again? Easy. Squeeze the top of the cup together into a little spout and off you go a-suppin’. No more mess and refuelling at the same time. Dublin Marathon again.

Note: Does not work so well with pints of Guinness. Or so I am told.

You may have other tips. Feel free to share your hacks and inner insights that get you across that finish line.

Ultan O’Broin: A runner (40 marathons completed to date) and digital UX pro from Dublin, Ireland, working in the enterprise and non-profit space. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ultanobroin/

Of course, nobody sweats anymore, even when respecting social distancing rules.

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