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Viral Pic Likening Hitler To Trump With Bible Is Doctored To Misleading Heights

Image via Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com

The photo of Trump holding a Bible in the air has been making its rounds on Twitter. The image has angered the public and religious leaders, as many protesters outside of St. John’s Church were tear-gassed by police officers to clear the path for Trump’s impromptu photo op. The church, too, was partially burned down due to clashes from the night before.

Many social media users have gone as far as to compare the photo to an image of Adolf Hitler holding a Bible. However, according to RT, the supposed photo is fake.

The image featuring the Nazi leader saw him holding a black book while being surrounded by his supporters and being saluted by a fan.

Trump appeared to be holding the black book in a similar photo of him in front of St. John’s Church.

Author Marianne Williamson shared a side-by-side picture of Trump and Hitler on Twitter, writing, “Anyone who thinks he has not seen this picture and isn’t using it as a signal, is in complete denial about that’s going on here.”

“Two peas in a pod,” former State Senator Richard Ojeda tweeted. Actress Debra Messing wrote that both photos were “a dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis.”

However, it seems that someone had photoshopped a Bible into Hitler’s hand. The picture is growingly being mistaken as truth as it continues to be spread online.

Writer Greg Olear cleared the air on Twitter, writing, “The Hitler/Bible going around is photoshopped. That so many people fell for it is itself an indictment of Trump and all he stands for.”

Some of those who circulated the image, including Williamson, have apologized and taken it down.

Twitter has also flagged the post and included a “Manipulated media” tag, while publications like BuzzFeed and Snopes have also alerted social media users that the image of Hitler holding the Bible was doctored.

A dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis. pic.twitter.com/FXnOGlkwjc

— Debra Messing (@DebraMessing) June 2, 2020

A lot of people are sharing an image that appears to show Trump and Hitler holding a bible in the same way. The Trump pic is from June 1, but the Hitler pic was photoshopped to add the bible. pic.twitter.com/hmaxYfXCxt

— Craig Silverman (@CraigSilverman) June 2, 2020

Two peas in a pod. https://t.co/vNQ7YkqjwC

— Richard N. Ojeda, II (@VoteOjeda2020) June 2, 2020

The Hitler/Bible going around is Photoshopped. That so many people (including me initially) fell for it, is itself an indictment of Trump and all he stands for.

— Greg Olear (@gregolear) June 2, 2020

I posted a photo of Hitler juxtaposition Trump holding a Bible. It fit my narrative, it suited my anger... it was propaganda. I take responsibility for that. I took it down.

It doesn’t mean I detest him any less.

— matthew lillard (@MatthewLillard) June 2, 2020

I just deleted a picture of Hitler that I learned was photo shopped. I apologize. Too much coffee.

— Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) June 2, 2020

Hitler once held a bible are you fucking kidding me???

Memes are becoming real life https://t.co/QUJ3orx2NJ

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) June 2, 2020

[via RT, opening image via Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com]