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Weekly Design Inspiration #256

via Muzli design inspiration

illustration by Elena Gorda

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Mental Health Online Therapy App by Purrweb UI
Camping App Design — UI Elements by Andrew Walter
eCommerce dashboard web app by Ariunbold Ankhaa
Bankomat: Landing page by Vladimir Gruev
Hero — Finance Interface Elements by Siamak
geek with broken heart by Elena Gorda
tiger king by kibookied
Dog Icons by Anna Hurley
Demon head&hand by chubasan


M I N O A by Murat Çelik, Platform 64 Design Studio, EVREN AKOZBEK and Semih Ünal


Flore Anais by Tom Jueris


Havet by Mayra Monobe


Johnnie Walker Blue Cities Dominican Republic by Lena Lena Vargas


美康粉黛MEIKING — BRAVE by NXC 念相创意

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