Day three: Mid-week mania

Stuck in a ghastly gridlock, I barely arrived in time for the next round of shows. After a quick pit stop at the media lounge to grab (the fashion editor fix of a diet coke and buffet bite) and gab (five hours a day for five days a week, and there is still more to chat about?) with some of fashion’s finest ladies and gents, I was back in my seat, feeling refreshed and revitalized for some ready-to-wear…

7 p.m. Common Cloth
Designers (and sisters) Melanie Talbot and Kristina Bozzo might be cut from the same cloth, but there is nothing common about their latest collection. Model after model paraded down the runway in rich jewel tones of emerald green, brilliant blue and electric orange, set among a canvas of grey and white. The contrast of neutrals and ’80s new-wave brights got the FASHION green light. Flirty ballerina-inspired tops and dresses (straight out of Debbie Allen’s dance studio in Fame), paired with feline eyes and apricot cheeks, proved that you can look precious even if you can’t plié.

8 p.m. Bustle
For Spring 2007, lawyers-cum-designers Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow have traded in the courtroom for the country club. Golf-print ties, preppy polos and cheery checks were all par for the course in this Palm Beach chic collection. Crisp cotton blazers, shirts and shorts in pink and yellow were further yuppified with monograms and golf tee compartments worthy of any Mar-A-Lago regular. But while FASHION gobbled up the glorious ’80s excess the first time around, we may not hit the lime green links as often this spring.

9 p.m. Andy Thé-Anh
The lights finally dimmed a full 45 minutes behind schedule (FASHION waited patiently and passed the time people-watching, primping and planning for the after-parties). A mix version of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” started the show as the models strutted out wearing super-skinny metallic jeans paired with voluminous blouses. “Sexy Back” was definitely fitting, as pencil skirts with back pleats and ’80s-style ruched jersey dresses proved there are curves ahead this spring. FASHION flipped over the tough-luxe look of a metallic leather jacket with a black pencil skirt. Paired with a heavy black winged eyeliner and a shocking fuchsia lip, the message was clear: Spring equals strong, sensual women. But our FASHION high didn’t last long, as the final runway look–a gorgeous floor-sweeping gown–had a minor wardrobe malfunction with the zipper. Definitely not so “sexy back.”

View a slideshow of the day’s shows.

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