New year, new you

Fashion felines everywhere know that change is inevitable, be it their address or their dress. But come New Year’s Eve, when the holiday revelry mixes with a little regret (beaucoup de chocolat et champers), some things do remain the same. After the clock strikes midnight–the kisses have come and gone, and the Veuve has vanished–we heave a sigh of relief that the holidays are over, crawl under the duvet and pen a list of our shiny new annual aspirations. For most lovely creatures, this means transforming into a modern minimalist gal. A time to partake in the “less is more” school of thought.

It is at this time of year that I always delight in rereading Diana Vreeland: Bazaar Years, a collection of the former Harper’s Bazaar fashion editor’s “Why Don’t You?” columns, which she later called “absurdities.” Au contraire, her witty and whimsical ideas are the perfect catalyst to start thinking out of the closet. For example: Why not “wear loose velvet gloves in wonderful colors’ the right hand in violet velvet, the left in burgundy? These gloves at the theatre emerging from a beautiful fur cape would be very effective.”

With that in mind, my dear divas, FASHION invites you to join our 2007 quest: Living a More Fashionable Life. Open your pretty peepers to the changing world of fashion. Get in touch with your inner goddess, not just your inner thighs (although “gym bunny,” not “toast with honey,” is also on my 2007 agenda).

So, in the spirit of the vivacious Ms. Vreeland, here are a few enticing ideas to help put your best foot (rather platform shoe) forward for a stylish and successful 2007:

  1. Why don’t you abandon your gilty pleasures?
    Instead, opt for a streak of silver this season’a tote bag, a shoe or a soft, shimmery topper – la Jil Sander.
  2. Why don’t you get called to the barre?
    Tie back your tresses in a loose ballet-inspired bun, or layer a wrap sweater over a tunic top for an ’80s Fame flashback. Dance lessons not included.
  3. Why don’t you learn to embellish the story?
    Chapter One: stones and studs on bags and shoes. Chapter Two: rosettes and ruffles on dresses. Leave the wallflower on the wall; this is the season for rocks to rule and florals to flourish.
  4. Why don’t you try to shock and awe?
    Give the grey days of January a jolt; throw on an electric yellow scarf or zip up a royal blue frock. Repeat often–if it’s bright, it is definitely right.
  5. Why don’t you become a snake charmer?
    Slither into a python-trimmed shoe or belt. Whether it is faux or for real, prepare for a reptile redux this season.

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