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10 Iconic Hair Products—and Their Super-Affordable Drugstore Dupes

Hunting down the perfect hair product (or entire regimen for that matter) deserves its own Olympic category. First of all, there are about 2.5 million products out there boasting just as many—or more—lofty prerogatives. Heck, even if we're just looking for the most basic of shampoos or hair serums, we're met with aisle after aisle of glittering options and little guidance save for very alluring, often too-good-to-be-true product claims and lots (and lots) of at-home trial and error. Thus, if you've managed to nail down the perfect hair routine for your hair type, you're clearly a talented sorceress—please share!

Of course, there are some hair products so well-known and equally beloved by nitpicky consumers and hair pros, they've essentially earned icon status within the hair industry. Totally fabulous if you have the financial flexibility to add them all to your hair queue, but totally frustrating if you're seeking A+ results with limited budget bandwidth, which, let's be honest, is quite a few of us. 

Static-prone, dry-hair season is on the cusp of arrival, so we decided to kill two birds with one stone here by not only celebrating 10 of the best hair formulas in the industry but offering up 10 similar drugstore formulas mimicking said spendier sisters in formula and results. Keep scrolling for 10 amazing hair products and their top-notch dupes that await your thirsty tresses. 

Savings: $17. How they're similar: Despite the fact there's a new dry shampoo launch practically every day, Drybar's beloved formulas still remains a consistent best seller. But considering how much dry shampoo we spritz, $23 per pop ends up being quite the hair investment. The formula is so good it's definitely worth it, but if you're looking to save some money, this one from OGX has a similar scent to Drybar's signature mix of sandalwood, vanilla, and jasmine, and it's also fortified with protein and collagen-rich plant-derived ingredients to absorb oil and boost volume.

Savings: $37. How they're similar: Beauty lovers and pro-hair artists alike fawn over anything and everything bearing the Davines name, but this ultra-smoothing formula (which is extra great for those with thick, curly, or frizz-prone hair) is one of the brand's all-stars. However, this set from Garnier features the same hero ingredient (olive!) to saturate hair with shine-promoting vitamins and nutrition. 

Savings: $58. How they're similar: Like Christophe Robin's iconic rose-spiked duo, this new debut from Carol's Daughter also targets limp, volume-lacking hair and utilizes cactus rose water to infuse the hair with a lush hit of volume, moisture, and body. 

Savings: $16. How they're similar: Trust us when we say no other Sunday night self-care ritual is quite as luxurious as an OG hot oil treatment. Like Phyto's luxe ampoule's VO5's cult-faves feature a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients to transform lank, moisture-deprived strands almost instantaneously. 

Savings: $15. How they're similar: We love a good root concealer to help us procrastinate booking our next color appointment, and even though there are lots of different formulas (from powders to pens to liquids), we think sprays work best. We're obsessed with Rita Hazan holy-grail formula, but considering the immense savings, this cheaper version from L'Oréal offers a similar range of colors and a satisfying result.

Savings: $4. How they're similar: Okay, okay so the savings here aren't THAT significant, but if you find yourself in closer proximity to an Ulta or drugstore (versus a Sephora), you can snap up this fan fave from It's a 10 and gain all the mane-transforming hair perks. Both formulas contain strategic healing ingredients like almond oil, algae extract, and vitamins galore. And on a personal note, this drugstore mask singlehandedly kept the hair on my head after a bleaching disaster years ago. 

Savings: $26. How they're similar: Actually, this heat-protecting spray from TRESemmé might be even more famous than its similar sister from IGK. That said, both are heat-activated, designed to smooth and defend the hair against heat damage, and replicate the in-demand benefits of spendy professional keratin treatments.  

Savings: $20. How they're similar: You're either team salt spray or not, but if you're into perfectly salty beach waves, chances are you've heard of (or own!) Bumble and Bumble's cult-classic formula. Not Your Mother's makes a super-comparable dupe that's also made with dead sea salt and kelp for that perfectly imperfect mermaid finish. 

Savings: $32. How they're similar: To be honest, this affordable spray from Kristin Ess is the best dry texturizer I've ever used, and I know plenty of other beauty editors (with all different hair types) who 150% agree. That said, Oribe's is legendary and amazing as well. Alas, if you're looking to save some money this winter and still reap the perfect piece-y result, this Target find is a must. 

Savings: $18. How they're similar: Both of these curl-elongating formulas are fabulous and have the same intention: to minimize natural cirl shrinkage and to deliver shiny, ultra-defined twists and coils. The main difference comes down to their formula—Devacurl's favorite relies on coconut oil while the latter option from Shea Moisture utilizes cocoa butter, flaxseed oil, and red palm oil to achieve a similar result at a fraction of the price.  Up next: The 7 Most-Wanted Face Creams—and Their Less Expensive Drugstore Dupes. This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.