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Amazon may soon sell luxury fashion

Online behemoth Amazon may soon be selling luxury brands on a new platform. Once shunned by luxury players for not echoing its core values of exclusivity, scarcity, sophistication and higher pricing, Amazon has been tenacious to attract star brands to sell on its channels.

According to WWD, Amazon has signed partnerships with a dozen high-end fashion and accessories labels, who will operate their own concession on a new look-and-feel platform. The concessions will be akin to Farfetch’s marketplace, as opposed to luxury multi-brand e-commerce sites like Matchesfashion.

Business Insider reports “Amazon is understood to be giving the brands full control over the look and feel of their virtual stores, allowing them to sell as much as they please, control when or if they go on markdown, and — crucially — leverage Amazon’s speedy delivery and customer service platform.”

A new logistics warehouse is thought to be in the works as is a 100 million dollar marketing campaign.

Amazon originally said it would launch a new marketplace in the spring of 2020, but due to the pandemic its plans were delayed until autumn.

WWD said it understood Amazon to be working with a selection of London Fashion Week designers on another, sustainability related, commercial project that will be revealed in September ahead of global fashion month.