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Ashley Graham Wants to Help You Find Your Next Favourite Podcast

Ever been on the hunt for a new podcast but not quite sure where to look? Ashley Graham is here to help, with a new series sharing her very favourite podcast picks. Think of it sort of as a book club—but with podcasts.

Teaming up with Spotify, the supermodel will host a three-part series on Instagram Live spotlighting the shows she loves to listen to. Titled Listen Up with Ashley Graham, the show will feature her weekly top podcast picks and give fans a chance to interact with her around the topics discussed in the podcasts.

“I’ve been listening to so many great podcasts while at home in Nebraska–they are the perfect backdrop for my skating strolls with Isaac or when I need some solo time away from the family (everyone needs a break these days!),” said Graham in a statement. “I’m so excited to be teaming up with Spotify to host Listen Up With Ashley Graham, where I’ll be discussing my favourite podcasts with fellow podcast-lovers and diving into topics that are of interest to me.”

The topics on the agenda for the upcoming three sessions are motherhood (August 26), business entrepreneurship (September 2) and wellness (September 9). Here’s how it works: Ahead of the show each Wednesday (starting August 26 at 12pm EST), listeners can head to Graham’s Spotify profile to stream the shows on her curated playlist for the week. On the day of the discussion, Graham will host a 30-minute talk on Instagram Live where she will be answering questions and comments from viewers. The playlists and discussion guides can be found on Spotify’s For The Record blog.

For the motherhood-themed session this Wednesday, the episodes selected by Graham (a new mom herself) for this week’s playlist are ‘Mom’s Not There When I Need Her’ from the podcast Motherhood Sessions, Graham’s own interview with Shay Mitchell from her podcast Pretty Big Deal, and Episode 355 from One Bad Mother. Happy listening!

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