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Chanel debuts online eyewear boutique

Chanel debuts online eyewear boutique

Glasses wearer and lovers of luxury, Chanel is giving you your moment to shine. The luxury brand has launched an online optical boutique. While Chanel has long prided itself on its in-store boutique experience, as companies are shifting more digital in the wake of coronavirus and customer preferences for online shopping, it was only fitting that Chanel would expand their e-commerce offerings.

In 2018, Chanel launched their online sunglasses boutique, now they have expanded their offerings to optical for those who need eyeglasses. Chanel's new optical e-commerce boutique allows customers to sort through over 300 styles by color, silhouette, and theme. Shoppers can also virtually try on glasses with an optical size guide available as a resource.

Customers can also use Chanel's store locator to get prescription lenses. The price points for the eyewear range from 370 to 1170.

While the industry is trying to reset itself, Chanel is one of the few companies where everything is continuing business as usual. The brand has said that it will stick with the traditional seasonal pace of the fashion calendar producing six collections a year. Customers sure can't seem to get enough Chanel.

photo: via Chanel.com