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Edited launches mobile app to enable retail professionals

Edited launches mobile app to enable retail professionals

Retail market intelligence firm Edited, has announced the launch of its own mobile app to enable professionals “to respond with agility to the changing market”.

Due to Covid-19, all non-essential businesses transitioned into the work-from-home move; the inability to interpret market trends without in-person meetings for retail workers proved difficult.

The Edited mobile app allows users to access retail reports and runway analysis, which includes: bookmarks and offline reports which can be used online and offline for accessibility, new filters to help inform on trend direction and promotional planning and intuitive mobile design for functionality to receive notifications on the latest weekly meeting guides.

Launched in 2009, the Edited Market Intelligence Suite uses artificial intelligence, analytics, image and text recognition to understand pricing, discounts, assortments and trends in real-time.

“Senior executives across retail need to make bold decisions daily to ensure their business does not become another to succumb to the COVID-19 era. In order to do this with the utmost confidence,” Joe Aleardi, chief revenue officer at Edited said in a statement.

“It’s pertinent that they are equipped with accessible resources such as our new mobile app to support these decisions and to stay prepared for any other obstacles the current climate throws at them.”

Photo credit: Pexels